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Thank you for arranging a session with us during this difficult time. To help keep yourself

and others safe we ask you to follow our guidelines.


1. We ask that all clients familiarise themselves with the Venue’s Covid-19 guidelines.


2. If you develop any Covid-19 symptoms or feel unwell prior to the lesson please cancel and

re-arrange the session.


3. Prior to the session please wash and sanitise your hands, rackets cannot be provided so

bring your own.




A) If the Coach provides the balls we ask that the Client does NOT touch them.


B) The Coach balls will be clearly marked. 8 balls per client will be used during the session. The balls will then be put into a bag and stored for 72 hours. After that the balls and bags will be washed.


C) If the Client would prefer to provide the balls the Coach will NOT touch them. But may pick them up to feed in using feet and racket. The Client will clearly mark their balls for identification.


5. Please limit anyone watching i.e. parent/Guardian to one person.


6. Please allow time at the end of the session to safely leave the court. Anyone waiting to enter for the next session please wait away from the entrance to the court until it is ok to enter.


7. If possible please pay using BACS, or place the correct amount in an envelope or money bag. Change will not be given.



We really want you to have fun and enjoy the session but please ensure you help us keep yourself and others safe.


Telephone : 07788 857502